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Access many leading courses from the best institutions to get ahead in your education. Choose from thousands of Universities from around the globe who offer the best courses around.

Affordable Education

We’re making education more affordable, giving you the ability to study if costs are prohibitive. We also offer ongoing support, tutoring/mentoring!

Career Outcomes

We partner with many companies globally who are always looking for qualified graduates and interns. We offer you the chance to get your foot in the door first!


We provide course scholarships to students globally and have partnered with hundreds of leading educational institutions to jointly offer help and provide as many people as possible the opportunity to advance their education.

Our vision is to help humanity learn.

We believe education is the bridge to a brighter future and a skill with knowledge is the key to open the door for a foundation for life. Scholarships are open to all students who are entering further education, are currently studying or are enrolled in a campus course.


CourseScholarships is dedicated to educating and offering learning tools and courses for all of us to access, including the disadvantaged and remote, providing the bridge to skills and knowledge.

Our goal is to continue to partner with as many leading education institutions as well as corporate partners and donors to all share in the goal to help provide education to all!

We are passionate about education and believe education should be affordable and available to all.
We partner with many education providers to offer the most scholarships in one area with the biggest choice available in the market to help as many people as we can access affordable education.

We have scholarships available across thousands of subjects from everything from scholarships in masters degrees to scholarships in short courses, Australian education scholarships, oversea student scholarships in Australia, scholarships in New Zealand, scholarships in America, scholarships in Europe, intern scholarships in Australia and work scholarships.

We also have Australian study tours that combine study scholarships Australia, or training scholarships Australia.

If you an international student we have study Australia scholarships for international students, ranging from Australia university scholarships, college scholarships, course fee help, and local TAFE scholarships.

Once you are done, we have a study-to-start job programs that allow you to study and get a job on completion.

If you’re looking for a scholarship, please send an enquiry here or call 1300 992 677.

Education providers: You can sign up and access and upload courses and scholarship and partial scholarship opportunities to help give back and give others the opportunity to access education and make it more affordable.


Sponsor or donor: You can make a significant ongoing difference and help change lives with CourseScholarships. As a corporate sponsor, you will be featured in our partner programs (extending to features in media and marketing material) as well as be part of giving back to help sponsor students and change lives as well as getting the opportunity to learn and be part of the sponsorship outcome as they progress through study and acquire certificates, degrees and jobs. You will be part of a true personal life change development for people in the best way to give them a skill for life


As a student: We have access to thousands of Scholarships from leading institutions globally. We have the unique opportunity to jointly offer Scholarships with leading education providers to give back and to help you, as a student, access Education and make it more affordable. As a student, you study at the same institution either on campus or online, you gain the same Certificate or degree outcomes but with the financial help to enable you to study and gain an education.










We have leading industry professionals that are part of our combined team with over 50 years in education, management and corporate business.

We have a board range of talents with a joint vision to help educate humanity.

We've helped thousands of students over 5 decades.

If you’re looking for a scholarship in a particular field, just let us know and we’ll do the rest.



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    Having a partial course scholarship help gave us options for my sons continuing their education and enabled us as a family to be able to send him to college. I wasn’t working full-time and could not have afforded it so they gave us the opportunity to help my son not to miss out on furthering his education.

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    Being able to get a course with a scholarship is fantastic and enables me now to be able to study the course I wanted to do and make it affordable for me to be able to do it. Really happy with the service!

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Take A tour in our campus