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President Donald Trump is actually good news for Australian education numbers.

Australian education numbers including mainstream stories like “Chinese student boom hits all-time high “is turning out to be further help for the Australia education and training sector.

China appears to be not just rolling with the punches of President Trump’s threats, The Chinese newspaper The Global Times, has warned on what could happen if Trump actually goes through with his threats: 

“A batch of Boeing orders will be replaced by Airbus, and it may also limit the number of Chinese students\studying in the US —

This could mean an increase of Chinese students into Australia.

This is “crash” hot news for the Australian education Industry, as more students will look to other areas outside the USA.

“Australia is seen as a stable safe haven for education and tourism and a wonderful place to live with much multicultural diversity and great food options. With unrest in the world such as in North Korea, USA, the Middle East, we “Australia are in a good position and its an ideal time for increase growth to our international students that want to come live and study in Australia”, Said Mr Amit Singh a well known respected student adviser and Agent for Victoria University.

As Australia has seven of its university’s in the top 100 list of global universities and many of the colleges are also highly ranked, it stands to reason why Australia is seeing such a growth in numbers and also the place to be for quality education.

When asked about Mr Trump’s comments Mr Singh replied;

“Comment’s and threats that Mr Tump have made may have lessened the desirability to study in the USA however Australia’s rise over many years is due to our care, effort, teachers and passion for innovation in education to make us a desirable education destination. We have developed our edge as one of the best in supplying quality education in the world over many generations” Mr Singh added.

When asked what the future holds for Australia education Mr Singh said: “The VR and AR(Virtual reality and Augmented reality courses) would be a feature for years to come and will take over much of the old forms of teaching and learning as we know it”.

When asked will trump effect student number he said “Well I’m not sure that Trump will affect our student numbers greatly but I do know that when it comes to new technology Australian education and industry is going to be at the forefront of a new way of change and we look forward to seeing what Australia’s great minds can do .

We are with you Mr Singh and we hope that we can keep leading the way in education and the government supports our education providers.

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