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SEEK Visa International Scholarship

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This scholarship is for students of all levels diploma and above, research and professional development courses in Law at an Australian educational institution. Every year, we offer a $1,500 scholarship to law students (or students in courses that include a least one law unit) in different disciplines. The scholarship is a merit-based and is offered to students who have outstanding academic records and show research promise.
Eligibility: The SeekVisa scholarship is open to domestic and international students, current and future, of all nationalities, that wish to study full time in a law related discipline in Australia including: Certificate 3 and 4, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses Undergraduate Postgraduate (Coursework or Research) Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (also known as ‘PLT’) Students must be studying full time in the field of their choice, and study at least one legal subject within that course. Students who have previously applied for the SeekVisa Scholarship and have not been selected are encouraged to apply in future application offerings.
Grant: Partial Scholarship
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Gender: Co-Ed
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